The Utility Clerk performs all clerk duties associated with running, filing  and keeping of document trails for the Heavener Utilities Authority and certain City functions as the City Clerk directs.

The Utility Clerk reports directly to the City Clerk and is responsible for maintaining all records of utilities, billing, accepting new applications, generating cut-off notices, issuing cut-off work orders, move change orders for utilities, and collecting and depositing revenues in the proper bank accounts of the City and Heavener Utilities Authority.

The Utility Clerk collects and processes payments from customers over the counter, through the mail and from other collection sites. Such payments are for installation fees or deposits, for utilities, or other City bills or charges. Establishes new customer accounts, prepares work order for service connections, disconnects and meter problems. She communicates with citizens and customers necessary information to handle complaints, and other customer concerns.

The Utility Clerk serves as the first point of customer service contact for the Authority, and tracks, collects, files and maintains records of all revenue received for the City and Authority; maintains and posts monthly revenue reports to the general ledger; Collect, mails on time, files and maintains copies of required Utility Authority reports (i.e., NPDES, Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMR), Water rights usage, etc.) to the Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Water Resources Board.

Additionally, the Utility Clerk tracks bad checks, prepares letters to issuer for city manager signature, recommends to city manager when to forward bad checks to district attorney for prosecution; Issues purchase order numbers for approved requisitions, permits and licenses in the absence of the City Clerk; and occasionally prepare City and Authority payroll checks, per direction of city clerk in her absence. Performs additional duties as may be directed by the City Clerk.